Romance Writer


Once upon  a time… a long, long, long time ago, at the start of my final year of high school I bought two enormous fruit boxes of cancelled Mills & Boon books from my local library and stashed them under my bed. But I didn’t read them… Oh, I would lovingly take them out and read the blurbs and drink in at the passion swept women and handsome enigmatic heroes. But I didn’t read one. Not one. No, not even a novella.

However upon finishing my final exams I celebrated by working my way through both strawberry boxes of Greek billionaires, Wyoming cowboys and quite a few secret babies. Bliss!

It’s all about the Happily Ever After. I look for it everywhere, often to my husbands frustration “It’s a war movie, there’s not meant to be romance in it!!”.

I live in a small rural town in central Victoria, Australia, with my husband, three young children, an elderly golden retriever, an excitable cattle dog puppy, two rescue cats and five slightly neurotic chickens. I am a procrastinator, a Google addict, a part time introvert,  with a rampant and wanton sense of humour and a questionably unhealthy obsession with cowboys.

I spend my days and nights standing on Lego, scrubbing Nuttella off door knobs and hiding in the pantry from the kids to eat chocolate. I would prefer to be playing in my vegetable garden, discovering a new author, discussing plot ideas with my chickens and ‘tasting’ wine with friends.

My passion for the environment, animal welfare, living sustainably and community connectedness all feature strongly in my stories. I love reading and writing about strong women, sexy men, and quirky characters. And romance of course, lots of fun, flirty, steamy, heart racing, Oh-my-god-she-did-not-just-say-that romance, because that’s what I love to read.

I write stories about finding love and finding home in Australian small towns.

You are most welcome to join me on my journey to published author and romance writer.

Life is infinitely more fun when shared!